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"Science Of Dream In Islam":

"Science of dream in Islam":

By: Dr. Qazi Shaikh Abbas Borhany
Attorney at Law, Member, Ulama Council of Pakistan
PhD (USA), NDI, Shahdat al Aalamiyah ( Najaf , Iraq )

Published in MAG, Vol. No. 50, Dec.10-16, 2005, Pakistan

To believe Quraan as miracle is a common attitude, otherwise this divine book is a "universe of intellectual miracle", because it contains treasures of secret sciences. In that treasure of secret sciences one can find wonderful precious gems and science of dream is one of them. Dreams consists several indications. In spiritual world its similarity is like Ex-Ray system. It is a divine bounty upon human that He (Allah) alerts any forthcoming issue, through the science of dream. One can learn problems, physical or spiritual, through expert of the faculty of dreams. External science reach on the peak but it has no excess to the internal science; therefore interpretation of dreams is beyond their excess. Dream also extends invitation to the observer to think and improve oneself. Scientific invention produced such sophisticated equipments that discover secret and hidden matters, but it not succeeds to enter the world of dream. Learned writer of "Kitaab al Tabir al Ruya" transmitted a Tradition: "if anyone suffers with nightmare than he never discuss it among others but wake up, offer Wazu and perform Salaat. Do Istaghfaar, recite Doa and Zikar (Tasabih) and give Sadaqah. These are the best weapons of protection". The learned writer of "Majmuah Yamaniyah", Shaikh Abdultayyab bin Syedi Abdulqadir has discussed that Imam Jafar Assadiq divided dreams in three categories:

Tiding for believer

Harassment of the Shaitaan

To confuse and puzzle in any matter

Imam Sadiq further explained that the dream which oneself observe in the beginning phase of the night is value-less, because it is the time while evil forces spread their power. That evil spirit harasses the people through dreams. The true dreams can be seen in the final phase of the night, prior to the beginning of the sign of morning. This is the time while Malaekat descend. Normally the dreams which people observe this time is true, except the observer is in the condition that bath is compulsory on him or he is not punctual of Salaat. In such conditions result would take place in long time. According to the learned writer of "Qaratees Yamaniyah", Syedi Wajhiyuddin, science of dream interpretation is one of the most difficult subjects and exclusive with the chosen ones of Allah. Imam Baqir has instructed to the members of the Ummah to discuss dreams only with the one who maintain Taqwa. Because dream is remain hang in between the sky and the earth till interpreter can not explain its meaning. Therefore, it is below intelligence to discuss dream among the non-competent and Taqwa-less class.

"Saheb al Rasail", Imam Ahmad al Mastur explains science of dream as faculty of Wahi, which has numerous departments. Dream is one of them, in which senses confined their functions. Hearing of a voice despite of presence of any signs is another form. Quraan discuss precisely the institution of Wahi and faculty of dream. "Therefore, it is not possible for any human to have conversation with Allah but through Wahi or from behind any curtain or through an authorized Rasul from Him." Another Ayat says: "(Remember) when Allah showed them to be few in your dream, for if He had shown them to be many, you would have certainly become weak-hearted and would have quarreled over the affair, but Allah saved you. Verily He knows what is in the hearts" ( Surat al Anfaal, Ayat No.43). A question arises, what is sleep and what is dream? The simple definition of the sleep is the state of soul when it does not exercising with all senses…And dream is the imagination of soul. …. Soul is an intellectual jewel, which is used by mind, heart and all available senses and every part of body, which are instruments for soul to appear some actions with their support. Consequently, soul show some views in which one can observe amazing events that could not been seen in the state of awakening". (Ikhwan us Safa, Risalah No. 46). "If anyone claim that dreams are super-flues ability and have no relation with reality, than he denies the Quraan. Similarly as Ibrahim (A.S.) said to his son Ismail (A.S.), "I saw in my dream that I slaughter you, accordingly tell me your decision, he submitted: "O my father! Do as you are commanded to do so." Therefore, if Ibrahim was not acquainted with the reality of dreams he must have slaughtered his own son on the bases of dream he saw. Similarly if Ismail was not acquainted with the reality of dreams he must not have said to his father that do as you are commanded and not have embraced him for slaughtering. Rasulullah (S.A.WA) explained that true dream is a part from the (various compulsory) parts of Nubuwat. He also informed that though the institution of Wahi exclusive but the faculty of true dreams remains active. Hence, if he, who argues that dreams are false, contradicted the institution of Wahi of the previous Anbiya, which they achieved through the media of dreams in the state of sleep, so he denied the lofty spiritual science and also rejected the existence of soul. Alas! He became the ignorant of the most precious knowledge and of its origin. Consequently, he became deprived of the most precious bounties of Allah, so we offer Doa that may Allah guide and show them the right path, open their hearts and wide their minds to understand the precise knowledge and inner meanings, hence, those who are not guided by Allah to the right path have no guide and the Noor of truth for them". The dreams which are seen through the inspiration of Malaekat or influence of Shaitan are form of vision, which roots are quite different". (Ikhwan us Safa, Risalah No. 46). ……"While pious and righteous souls departed from their bodies and achieved their rewards. The spirit received sort of satisfaction through the sympathy that extended in the material world with their successors by the worldly people. All nearest and dearest ones wish for them for rewards, peace and happiness that it gained after death. And it may possible that the pious souls come into their dreams to exhorted them and remind them about their destinations and commands them to strict on the path of piety, good deeds and acquirement of eternal peace and give them glad tidings, thus, take these glad tidings who will meet them after their death". Imam Ahmad al Mastur says: "we have decided to elaborate that how dream could be identified that whether it is from the inspiration of Malaekat or whispering and intrigue of Shaitaan or from any other source. Each dream consist guidance and its Taweel interpretation direct towards the piety and good deeds. It attracts towards the hereafter and these kinds of inspiration are from Malaekat"…"On the other hand, dreams that are from the intrigue and whisperings of Shaitaan are those in which lust of worldly affairs are largely available, which are so dear to the people of desires and it increase in their lust more". (Ikhwan us Safa, Risalah No. 46).

Dreams are divided in the following groups,

I. Wahi, Taeed and ilhaam (exclusive faculty of chose ones of Allah)

II.Enlightened dreams (tiding to those who are doing well at large)

III.Confused dreams (warning to those who are committing sins to stop)

IV.Due to whisperings of Shaitaan (Surat al Falaq discussed the practice of Shaitaan to intrigue human soul time to time)

Confused dreams also indicate what happen with the dreamer in his daily routine experience, by conversation or imagination. Similarly, dreams are also influenced by the condition of health and strength. Dreams also influence by astrological changes. Many people have different experience with vision. According to "Saheb al Rasaeel" few have attain following experience:

1.A few people saw true dreams with inner meaning
2.Some achieve opposite meaning
3.Some hold amazing meaning with inner interpretation (Ikhwan us Safa, Risalah No. 46)

"Al Shakhs al Fazil, Saheb al Rasail" says:" O my brother! Although the interpretation of dreams is an art but it has three manifestations precisely:

1.Accurate and straight dreams for e.g. if a person saw in a dream to travel than he may travels as he saw.
2.Sometime interpretation of dreams is totally opposite what a person observed. If anyone saw in dreams that he is crying, he would get happy or found happiness in dream might get sorrow in reality.
3.If anyone saw in the dream that he is flying than he may travels in reality or eat the meat of human being that indicates habit of backbiting or eat hot meal that indicates forthcoming event of clash etc.

All these dreams occur on the bases of conviction and passion". (Ikhwan us Safa, Risalah No. 46). A Hadith say: "The right and accurate dream is of an emperor or slave i.e. emperor is one who has command over the human souls and that is Nabi or Imam. And slave means true follower of the chosen one of Allah". (Tawil al Daem, Syedna al Qazi al Numan, Manuscript). Imam Jafar Assadiq taught Syedi Mufaddal bin Amar science of dream perfectly. He explained how "matters are blended with truth and false. Therefore if all the dreams were reliable, then everyone would become Nabi, and if they all false then there would be of no benevolent, instead of that it would all be useless, meaningless. At times dreams do appear truthful and so people approve it beneficial or protects by it in harms. But most of them accuse of lying so that they don't completely trust on it". (Tawhid al Mufaddal, Beriut, page No. 45)

Principles of interpretation are largely discussed and explained by Ibn Sireen. He says: "dreams are one part of Nubuwat out of its 46 components, it is necessary that a person who explained and interpret the dreams should posses the following qualities:

1) Interpreter should be the scholar of the Quraan

2) Interpreter should be a learned of Ahdith literature

3) Interpreter should be well versed with Arabi in depth

4) Interpreter should be well versed with the science of astrology

5) Interpreter should be well versed with the science of interpretation of dreams

6) Interpreter should be pure by nature

7) Interpreter should have well mannered

8) Interpreter should be straightforward.

So that Allah guides him towards the correct version of the vision and directs him to the goodness of brilliant possessors.

Quraan provide us some examples of interpretation of dreams. Quraan says: "As if they were eggs closely guarded. The women are described as eggs, which are always guarded against external forces. ( Surat No. 37, Ayat No. 49)." Quraan says: "(Yet) after that your hearts hardened like stones, or even harder. (Ayat No. 74, Surat No.2)" Quraan condemn the habit of backbiting: "Do not spy and do not backbite. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? (Ayat No. 12, Surat No. 49)" Then We delivered him and those with him in the ark, and We made it a sign to the worlds". Ship is indicated as source of Najaat "(Ayat). She said: "Verily when kings enter a town (as conquerors) they ruin it and make the noblest of its people its meanest." (Ayat No. 34, Surat No. 27). They are garments for you and you are a garment for them. (Ayat No. 187, Surat No.2). Hence, the interpretations of the Ahadith are such as crow has been interpreted as cruel person because Rasulullah (SAWA) has named crow as sinful bird and mouse has been interpreted as wicked woman, "Mouse is malevolence". Similarly, disease is interpreted as hypocrisy for those who are disobeying to their promises i.e. he is weak in his promises. Similarly, anyone who washes his hand with soap is interpreted as been deprived from any bounty for e.g. it is said that I washed my hands from you means I am deprived from your goodness. In this manner, the interpretations of dreams sometime explain from its names, sometime from meanings and sometime with opposite meaning. Happiness is interpreted by sadness. So, the meaning explained sometime according to the situation and person. If the same dream has observe by an emperor and a beggar than the interpretation also different. Such as, pomegranate is interpreted for emperor as a bestowed city with my bounties but for ordinary trader it is interpreted such as his shop or house, for scholar or cleric it could be his book, for bachelor it could be his lover's beauty and money. Accordingly in this manner dreams of an emperor could not be interpreted such as the dreams of common person. A few signs of dreams and their interpretations are as follow:

To see oneself to wear neat and clean dress = is a sign of Taqwa

To see oneself to wear torn and old cloths= is sign of less Taqwa

To see oneself naked = is sign of loose character and licentiousness

To see fog= indicate Shirk and commitment of Kufur

To see moon, star and sun= specify towards the path of Tawheed

To see greenery or orchid = spiritual elevation and increment in learning

To see gems and wealth= indicates wisdom and knowledge

Rabbit= sleep, non-attentive, laziness

Pig, duck and ant = greedy and lust



Dog and lion=sign of enmity, anger

To step forward to the mount= sign of progress

To see sky and its component =spiritual promotion

To step down from the mount= sign of demotion

Collection of gems= academic achievement and reward

To see various kinds of fruits= tiding of jannat

To fly over the sky= wish of Jannat

To see oneself busy in Ibadat= is indicates spiritual progress

To see holy places= is a reward of Taqwa and piousness

To see spiritual person with armed= indication of spiritual Jihaad

To see an excellent house= Tidings of construction of spiritual building

See oneself death= indication of death of soul

To see oneself physically unfit= indicates spiritual disease

To watch ruins= indication of spiritual demotion

To observe cattle= beneficial

Horse=indication of spiritual Jihaad and travel

Attack of dog= be alert from the external and internal enemies

Cow= sign of materialistic and over eating

Snack, bear=sign of strong hidden enmity and bias nature

Peacock and elephant=sign of proud ness

Fox=wicked and cunning by nature

Donkey and cock= sexuality

Crow= Illegitimate earnings, illegal source

Wolf= wrong path

Monkey, parrot=juggler and vulgar by nature

Rat=robbery or loot


Mango or jam= tiding of livelihood

Red sky = news of sorrow

Black sky= nasty, tribulations

Snow stones= warning of wrath

Bath=sign of disease and sorrow

Bleeding from the eye= loss in children or property

To see oneself blind= death of child, separation with brother, shrinking earning

Serpent or dragon= sign of the trial of tyrant ruler

Thunder storm= loss, poverty, painful trouble.

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