Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hand Shake / Salam: Its significance

Rasulallah (SAW) said, "There are no two Muslims who meet and shake each other's hand, except that their sins are forgiven before they part."

Every atom in man's body is in reality radiant, living and powerful compared with other objects, herbs, or drugs. By the very fact of being a living body it has a great power. Therefore, shaking hands and touching (as in doing salam) have certain beneficial efforts.

The scientists of today are giving electric and heat treatment as a comparatively new discovery, and it is claimed that it is very beneficial for many remedies. Body heat and electric impulse generated by our body causes increase in blood circulation and decreases congestion. Circulation gives health, while congestion causes diseases. Our body's heat is projected through the finer parts of the body, namely the palm of the hands, tips of fingers and nose and lips and the eyes. The eyes also emit certain very low-grade electric impulse.

The custom of salam is not only for respect but it helps exchange of heat and electric impulse between two persons. That is always from the elders to youngsters or from the powerful to weaker. This way courage and consolation is given to the weaker and in the same way, as the caress of a mother heals the child of all its pains and soothes it in stress.

Psychologists today say when two people shake hands with one another magnetism is exchanged between them and a balance of life force is made between them. The one who lacks strength, energy, or magnetic power gains, and through the one from who they overflow they are used for a better purpose. Exchange of body heat between two persons improves understanding, friendship and love.

This is why Islam tells us to shake hands with our fellow Muslims and urges children to do salam to their parents and elders, every day in the morning.

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