Friday, December 14, 2007

Sayings of Prophet Mohammad (A.S.)

1)Always be the first to salute a friend or a stranger.

2)Charity of speech is as important as charity of actions.

3)Heaven lies under the feet of mothers.

4)The daily prayers are like a river that flows by the doors of your house; he who bathes in it will keep himself pure and clean.

5)When two people meet and talk, Allah is the third Who Listens.

6)He is not a true believer who does not desire for his brother what he desires for himself.

7)"I am the City of Knowledge and Ali is its Gate."

8)The world is like a serpent; its touch soft, but its bite fatal.

9)The ear is useless when the mind wanders.

10)When you have triumphed over your enemy, pardon him as a way of returning thanks to Allah for giving you the strength to conquer.

11)Give to a poor man before he asks;for if you place him under the necessity of stretching his hand,you take from his self-respect more than the value of your alms.

12) One who praises you for qualities you lack will next be blaming you for faults not yours.

13) Men are of two kinds:

Generous men who are not rich and

Rich men who give nothing.

14) Three classes of men are cut off from Allah’s Benediction:

The Oppressors, Those who aid and abet oppression, and Those who tolerate oppression .

15) The strongest man is he who can fight against himself.

16) The best of alms is that which the right hand gives and the left hand does not know.

17) Envy devours good deeds as fire devours bush wood.

18) Give the labourer his wage before his perspiration dries.

19) Love for one’s homeland is a part of Faith.

20) Before sitting down to eat, make sure that no one is hungry in your neighbourhood. Share your food with the wayfarer and the stranger.

May Allah Grant us the understanding to read, digest and practice our prophet's preachings

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