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Meal of Rasulallah(PBUH)

Meal of Rasulallah(PBUH)
we should include in our meals to live healthy

The prophet(SAWS) said : “I advise you to drink honey.”
Use a full table spoon of honey along with a glass of water (200ml).
Steer until the honey dissolves totally in the water before usage.
- Awaken the entire digestive system, from mouth to intestines.
- obtain a sufficient amount of energy required for the daily activities by supplying the body with salt, minerals and the vitamins.
- Mixes the order of the water molecules with that of the honey so the whole drink becomes beneficial. This method is used in the modern treatments named “treatment with water” (or hydropathy) where the water is enriched with the needed substance that the body needs.
Dates and Milk

Soak 7 dates into a glass of milk. To be taken around noon.
The prophet(SAWS) said: “ whomever starts his day with seven pressed dates will not suffer any poison or magic”.
- Milk contains vitamins and minerals that fruits have.
- Pressed Dates help the liver resist toxic elements using the anti-toxic or antibiotics that the dates contains.
- Pressed dates help the body get rid of the harmful chemical elements that the body has to deal with, like the lead that a high rate of it in the body can cause renal failure.
The Prophet (SAWS) said: “use olive oil in your food and for massage for it’s from a blessed tree”

A piece of bread made of barley, a table spoon of olive oil and few drops of apple vinegar.

- Olive oil resists fat in the body.
- Olive oil prevents from skin cancer and bone cancer.
- Olive oil dissolves cholesterol.
- A daily spoon of Olive oil can treat the problem of fatty liver.
- Olive oil can treat and prevent from arteriosclerosis and weakness of memory.

Benefits of Olive oil with vinegar:
Olive oil helps in the increase of beneficial fat (high in density), and decrease the proportion of harmful fat (low in density), which reside on the wall of arteries, causing intransigence.
Vinegar helps the body get rid of the harmful fats by turning it into a beneficial element that is used in internal generation of body power.
The Prophet (SAWS) said:
“ God bless vinegar for it was part of prophets diet.”

The Prophet (SAWS) said:
” whomever skips the dinner meal his body weakens.”
The dinner meal should contain a piece of bread made of barley and a glass of milk.
The dinner helps the large intestines fermenting food and benefiting from some of its vitamins that results from the process of fermenting. Like a vitamin that prevents the body from bleeding.

Medical benefits in prophetic diets
The Prophet (SAWS) had the habit of eating carrots, dill, parsley.
Carrots is scientifically proven to be one of the most important anti-oxidation tool. It helps prevent from cancer and aging diseases.

Benefits of Dill and Parsley:
Dill protects the body from the formation of stones on the gallbladder with its ability to resist cholesterol, as 70% of the stones and appear in the gallbladder happens because of Cholesterol.
Parsley protects the body from the composition of urine tract stones.

The Prophet (SAWS) said:
“If I am to say that a fruit is from paradise I would have said it is fig.”
You can eat ripe or dry figs

The benefits of the pomegranate in the treatment of ulcers and acidity
The Prophet (SAWS) said:
It is preferred that pomegranate is eaten along with the while fiber encircling it because it contains a white substance that treats stomach ulcer. In addition it could be used dry to eliminate the symptoms of acidity.

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