Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not even 0.1% Muslims had the opprtunity to see this View

Foot Mark Of Hazrat Adam ( AS ) , In Srilanka First Foot Mark on Earth .

Amma Hawa in Jeddah .

Abeel, son of Hazrat ADAM Al., first grave on earth, in Jordan

Grave of Hazrat Youshe, first Prophet after Adam, its in Jordan

Makam E Ibrahim

Grave of Hazrat IBRAHIM - Al - Khalil , ISRAEL

Grave of Hazrat Lot in Iraq .

Grave of Hazrat Saleh (AS)

Grave of Dawood ( AS ) in Israel .

Grave of MOOSA ( AS ) in Israel .

Haroon Al.

Zakaria Al.

Yahya Al.

Grave of BIBI AMENA , some where outside Macca

Grave of BIBI HALEEMA, out side Madina.

Rowza of 4 Imams, before destruction, the cage was made from pure GOLD.


Bilal Habashi, in Damuscus

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